Fact sheets

If you’re looking for just the facts, you’ll find them here. Get the latest industry statistics, carbon capture and storage details and information about Canada’s oil sands.

Carbon capture and storage fact sheet

September 2023

An overview of how carbon capture and storage (CCS) works, along with information about safety and monitoring.

Foundational project fact sheet

September 2023

Our carbon capture and storage project is key to reaching our net-zero goal. Get a summary of the project phases and timeline.

Carbon Capture and Storage: Safety

September 2023

Discover how risk management, geological surveys and monitoring systems are used to ensure safe carbon capture and storage.

Biodiversity fact sheet

May 2023

An overview of how we support the oil sands industry’s efforts to address land use and sustainability in the regions where our member companies operate.

Oil sands fact book

March 2022

Find details about energy demands by sector and environmental spending, as well as oil sands land use, water use and total emissions.

CAPP frequently used statistics

February 2023

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) publishes industry numbers for revenue, investment, supply, production, water use and more.


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