Responsible development

It’s not just about reducing emissions. We’re committed to advancing the responsible development of the oil sands industry, supported by consultation, collaboration and engagement.

Reducing impacts to create lasting benefits.

For more than two decades, our member companies have worked together to improve the environmental performance of Canada’s oil sands.

We are working to ensure the responsible and sustainable growth of Canada’s oil sands.

Member companies have pledged to innovate and accelerate improvements in environmental performance in our four Environmental Priority Areas.


Environmental priority areas


Active projects


Technology development costs (2012-2020)


COSIA technical working groups


Cost of active projects (2012-2020)


Contributed technologies (2012-2020)

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

COSIA is the innovation arm of Pathways Alliance. Its ongoing work aims to reduce impacts on air, improve water management, remediate tailings and reclaim land faster.

Environmental priorities

See how we’re continuing to reduce our impact on air, land and water, and improve tailings management.

Indigenous relations

Find out how we’re engaging and consulting with Indigenous groups.

Community relations

Find out how our member companies contribute to and invest in our communities.

About the oil sands

Discover what makes Alberta’s oil sands different.

Two people walking outside at an operating facility. Both are wearing blue hard hats and protective clothes with reflective stripes.

Our carbon capture and storage
(CCS) project

Our proposed CCS project is the foundation of our goal of net-zero emissions from operations. Find out what it is and why we’ve chosen it, and explore other CCS projects around the world.