Indigenous relations

Meaningful engagement, consultation and partnership with Indigenous groups—particularly in the regions where we operate—is a priority for Pathways Alliance.

Our proposed carbon capture and storage (CCS) project

An open and collaborative relationship with Indigenous groups is vital as we progress our emissions-reduction plan and proposed CCS project. We’ve started early engagement and continue to seek input from Indigenous leaders and groups who have an essential and living relationship with the land, air and water.

We recognize the importance of undertaking a robust regulatory and a comprehensive Indigenous consultation and engagement process for the project. While we’ve just begun this process, we’ll ensure Indigenous groups are heard, potential concerns are understood and appropriate mitigation is developed.

Care for the environment in the communities where we operate is a core value for Pathways Alliance. We have an opportunity to create a path forward, build shared prosperity, work together on environmental stewardship and help Canada achieve its climate goals.

Working with Indigenous-owned businesses

Canada’s oil sands industry has a long history of collaborating with Indigenous groups to acquire equity and share in the benefits of responsible resource development. Indigenous-owned businesses have become an integral part of the oil sands industry over the past four decades and contribute to operations in a variety of areas, from construction to camps and catering, to environmental and engineering services.

And the number of Indigenous employees is growing, making up 7.4% of the industry’s workforce in 2019 (up from 4.8% in 2018).*

*Source: Petro LMI.

Did you know?

The oil sands industry spent about
$2.4 billion on procurement from
275 Indigenous businesses in 2019.

Source: CAPP Frequently Used Statistics, June 2022

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