Pathways Alliance blazed a trail in 2023 to help address the global energy trilemma

Oil sands industry was at the heart of discussions to reduce emissions while ensuring secure and affordable energy continues to meet ongoing demand.

The path to net zero was well worn in 2023 by Pathways Alliance and its members who moved at pace to the centre of global discussions to find solutions to reduce emissions while advancing its ambitious decarbonization plan and producing the energy the world needs in a responsible way. 

The alliance of Canada’s six largest oil sands companies participated in more than 370 Canadian and Global events in 2023, sharing progress on its plan, while engaging in dozens of panel sessions to exchange ideas about how to meet both the climate and energy security challenges of today and the future.   

Notable events attended included GlobexChange, Carbon Capture Expo, CERAWeek, BNEF Summit New York, New York Climate Week, WPC24, International Forum of the Americas, and COP28, among many more.  

“I continue to be awestruck by the energy of this organization and the commitment from every company CEO to the scientists, engineers and experts dedicated to what is Canada’s most ambitious decarbonization effort,” said Pathways Alliance President Kendall Dilling.  

“Make no mistake this is a grueling challenge, but the level of camaraderie and collaboration within members of competing companies to achieve our goals is like nothing I have seen in my 30-plus year career and something that is without global precedent.” 

That cooperation extended to both the provincial and federal governments with months spent discussing the need for thoughtful and practical policies and significant investment from industry and governments to advance the multiple technologies needed to meet net zero goals. 

2023 also marked the first full year of combined forces with Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), as the full innovation arm of Pathways Alliance, bringing to bear the full strength of the organization on the technology solutions to reduce emissions and the impacts of the industry on land, air, water and tailings. 

Wes Jickling, vice president of technology development and COSIA, said the collective understanding and focus on priority emissions reduction technologies has been sharpened in 2023 through increased industry collaboration. 

“The plan to achieve Net Zero from oil sands operations by 2050 is a living document co-authored by dozens of technical experts from all member companies,” said Jickling. “The plan is continuously improved and enriched as the Pathways teams research, learn, and share knowledge about new and emerging technologies.” 

COSIA continued to strengthen partnerships with Canadian universities and colleges developing a significant amount academic research in areas such as tailings management, wetland reclamation and water management. 

2023 also saw Pathways Alliance build up its policy prowess, establishing the organization as a credible and constructive contributor that provided input to governments on major energy and environment policy consultations. 

The organization launched its new national advertising campaign in 2023. The theme “common ground” was the next phase of sustained outreach to bring awareness to our collaborative efforts to steadily reduce emissions and achieve a goal of net zero from operations by 2050.   

“We are proud to be one of  our country’s most important industries, working hard to help Canada meet its climate commitments, while ensuring we strengthen our reputation as the world’s preferred supplier of responsibly produced oil.” 

2023 by the numbers: 

  • $1.8 billion – the amount spent to date on the Pathways Alliance decarbonization plan. 
  • 378 – the number of Canadian and global events attended  
  • 350 – Number of media requests responded to 
  • 50+ – the number of emissions reduction technology projects Pathways Alliance is working on 
  • 1.5 billion total advertising impressions 
  • 17,000 mentions in earned media 
  • 600,000+ website visits