Monitoring Priority Area

COSIA’s Monitoring Priority Area (MPA) represents industry in the Oil Sands Monitoring Program where it collaborates with governments, the Alberta Energy Regulator, local communities and Indigenous groups. The MPA works to ensure the oil sands region is monitored effectively and developed in an environmentally responsible manner.

Core focus areas

The Oil Sands Monitoring Program (OSM) assesses the potential impacts of oil sands development on the air, land and water of Alberta’s oil sands region. The program has produced over 700 communications, including peer-reviewed papers, technical reports, program reports, presentations and workshop materials. To date, the combined levels of contaminants and changes have not been shown to have an adverse environmental impact on the area.

air and deposition

Measure types and levels of emissions in the air and on the land.

Surface Water

Assess oil sands contributions to changes in surface water quality and quantity as well as the health of fish and benthic invertebrates.

Community-based monitoring

Assess the priority environmental concerns of Indigenous groups and local communities.


Establish the regional chemical and physical properties of groundwater and assess the oil sands industry’s contribution to any potential changes.

Terrestrial Biological Monitoring

Assess changes to wildlife and plants as a result of oil sands development.


Monitor the health of wetlands in the region in response to oil sands development.

Oil Sands Monitoring FAQ

Get answers to your OSM questions.

More Resources

To learn more about OSM and our role in it, please visit Oil Sands Monitoring Program 101.

More information about OSM can be found on the Government of Alberta’s Oil Sands Monitoring Program website.