Land management

Our Land Environmental Priority Area works to minimize the impacts of oil sands operations on land and wildlife.

land Aspirations

We aspire to be world leaders in land management, restoring land and preserving biodiversity.

We bring together leading minds and experts to address land management issues in Alberta’s boreal forest. These issues are complex, so we are advancing multiple solutions.

Land research annual report

March 2023

Catch up on some of the highlights of our recent progress in land.

land Priorities

The Land EPA is dedicated to increasing land-use efficiency and optimizing the footprint of oil sands operations.

Reduce forest disturbance intensity related to oil sands projects

Minimize impacts of oil sands mining and in situ operations on land and wildlife

Return disturbed land to natural habitat faster

What we’re doing

We’re working to mitigate the impact of oil sands development on Alberta’s boreal forests.

Increasing land-use efficiency

New techniques and approaches have helped us use land more efficiently. We achieved a 10% reduction in the operating footprint intensity of in situ operations between 2012 and 2022.

Caribou Knowledge Extension Library

COSIA and the Regional Industry Caribou Collaboration are working on innovative and sustainable approaches to boreal caribou recovery. The many current initiatives are detailed in our Caribou Knowledge Extension Library.

Restoration and Reclamation Virtual Tours

Our Restoration and Reclamation Virtual Tours give you the chance to see innovation in action. See how new approaches to restoration and reclamation practices are making big differences when it comes time to reforest oil sands sites.

Reclamation tracking

Land disturbance and reclamation activities are reported to the Alberta Energy Regulator. Consistent definitions across in situ and mining operations give a clear picture of the current state of these efforts.

The Canadian Conservation & Land Management Knowledge Network

The Canadian Conservation & Land Management Knowledge Network (CCLM) is a forum for sharing information and lessons learned. CCLM has a diverse range of content focused on three areas: boreal caribou, land management and wetland knowledge.

Land innovation opportunities

We want to hear from anyone with an idea—academics, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs—that can help us improve land management in Alberta’s oil sands. Explore the current innovation opportunities to see where you can contribute.

Learn more about innovation opportunities

Priority Area

Challenge Tags Details
Refining Strategies for Reducing Exploration Footprints Land

This innovation opportunity is forward looking, whereby in situ operators are focused on reducing exploration footprint across the oil sands region by focusing only on future projects or project expansions at existing project and doing the following:
a. Identifying and developing new zero- or low-footprint seismic technologies;
b. Evaluating life-cycle cost and benefit of new and existing tools and technologies; and
c. Developing and sharing footprint exploration reduction best practices.

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